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Question: Is homeschooling legal?

Answer: Yes! Homeschooling has always been legal in all 50 states. Currently, about two-thirds of the states have specific laws authorizing and regulating homeschooling. Preschoolers may legally operate as a small private school or provide "equivalent instruction". The details vary considerably from state to state and opinions about the law(s) vary from district to district. Before starting a virtual private school or homeschool program, it is important that you review your individual state requirements. Please refer to for more information.

Question: Do I need a teaching degree to homeschool my child?

Answer: No. Dedication, commitment and hard work (not special training) have proven to produce outstanding educational results in the homeschool setting. Anyone willing to dedicate their time, and with the assistance of a homeschool program such as EIPCS, can successfully homeschool any child.

Question: What if my child has special needs?

Answer: Thousands of families are homeschooling children with special needs, ranging from those in active sports, acting, and other careers, to those with Attention Deficit Disorder or severe multiple handicaps. Parents often find that when they bring these children home to be educated, they make significant progress with the personal, one-on-one attention. It has been proven that children function best in a organized and structured environment with fewer distractions. A virtual private school or homeschooling usually proves to be the answer.

Question: How much time does it take?

Answer:  A lot less than you think! Students proceed at their own pace. In the younger grades, parents, and children often find they only need 3 hours to accomplish their work for the day. This leaves many hours for activities and educational field trips. High school students usually finish all their work (including research papers, essays, and special assignments) within 4-6 hours (per day).

Question: What about socialization?

Answer: Research has found that most students at home are involved in a wide variety of outside activities. These students interact with a broad spectrum of people of all ages, and make positive contributions to their communities. Experience has shown that preschoolers are well socialized and able to make lasting friendships across age and cultural divides.

Question: What about electives and extra courses?

Answer: Many teen students supplement their education with community college classes, taking over the direction of their education much earlier than other kids their age. EIPCS offers electives in Bible, Spanish, French, Art, Music, Shop, Home Economics, Health, Computers, Personal Development, Physical Education, and Community Service. The Curriculum Director can assist students in choosing and creating elective studies. On the K-8th grade level, Art, Music, PE, and Spanish can all be typical elective classes.

Question: How do I track my child's progress?

Answer: EIPCS offers excellent progress tracking through for tracking students progress, for special assignments (such as book reports), and for contacting certified teachers. Once parents have access our virtual private school or homeschool, they can see required tests, quizzes, papers, and grades and it will be input into website for monitoring. This is an excellent management and communication tool provided at EIPCS!

Question: Will my child receive an official transcripts?

Answer: Yes. Students will receive an, official Florida State transcript for the purpose of transferring to another private or public school. Or for the time of graduation, issuance of their official diploma. All records are maintained by Educators Inc. Private Christian Schools until a written request by another school or by a parent is made.

Question: What about a diploma choice for students who just want to graduate, yet do not have plans to attend college?


Answer: Students in need of a high school diploma, regardless of their age, can take advantage of our basic diploma. Our basic diploma is based on 5 credits of vocational training. This is NOT a GED equivalent, it's a actual official diploma option. Because it does not meet the standard diploma credits in English, Math, and History, however, it is not recommended for college bound students.

Question: Does EIPCS offer formal graduation ceremonies?

Answer: Yes! At the end of May each year, EIPCS has a formal cap and gown diploma ceremony for all students. Virtual private schools students and homeschool students from around the world are encouraged and invited to participate in this special event with their families. You must reserve a spot ahead of time to attend the graduation ceremony.

Question: Will my child be able to attend college with a EIPCS diploma?

Answer: Our virtual private school and homeschool graduates closely parallel their public school counterparts, about two-thirds go on to post-secondary education, and one-third directly into the job market. Students who chose the standard diploma have the option to dual enroll during their high school years, and go on to complete 2-4 year degrees at community colleges around the country. Many of our students who have chosen the high honors and scholar diploma choices, have gone on to four year universities, including Harvard and Yale. Please ask about and research our achievements.

Question: Can I contact a certified teacher if I need help?

Answer: Yes! EIPCS offers tutoring through different outlets (via video, email, phone). The Curriculum Director can always be reached at She is available for questions, services, additional web site assistance, and etc. In the event that a student is having difficulty with the chosen curriculum, a custom designed subject curriculum can be put together for your child on a need be basis.

Question: How do I get started in one of EIPCS programs?

Answer: If you are interested in our Virtual Private School or Homeschool options, fill out our registration form and pay the registration fee to get started today! Afterwards, a representative will contact you within 48 business hours to help you get started.

Please note: We do not make recurring payments via Authorize.Net. It will be YOUR responsibility to remember to make the monthly payments. Failure to make your payment after 90 days will result in us terminating your enrollment. Please refer to our "Policies" page for more details.

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