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Why Home Schooling is Better Than Traditional Schooling

The concept of homeschooling, though an age-old education practice, has re-gained popularity in recent times, mostly in countries like US, Australia, UK, Japan, Russia and many more, including India. Homeschooling is a very personal and serious decision and above all societal implications. It calls for dedication, hard work and patience to raise home-schooled kids. In case you are wondering whether homeschooling is a better option than the traditional schooling, you may want to read its advantages mentioned in this article.

Parents may choose to homeschool their children for several reasons –they want a greater control and responsibility over what kids are learning, want to spend more time with kids, want to teach religious subjects or may be the child can’t attend a regular school due to illness. Whatever the reason may be, some of the major benefits of homeschooling over traditional schools have been discussed here.

Major Benefits of Homeschooling

1. Customization of Curriculum

At home-based education, curriculum can be tailored according to the child’s needs, capabilities, and personality. The areas where the child excels can be expedited whereas weaker areas can be addressed with more focus and additional resources. You can decide what your child learns and when is the best time for him to learn that. This also makes learning enjoyable and exciting for the child with customized learning material and courses.

2. Better Academic Accomplishments

It has been noticed that educational quality has been better in homeschooling than traditional schools. With more personal care and grooming, home-schooled kids tend to pick up things easier than in schools. They show more interest in studies which are more customized to them than the routine-based courses in schools.

3. Stronger Student-Teacher Relationship

Home schooling is considered better in terms of the student-teacher relation. Sometimes, a child might be unable to ask questions to his class teachers due to shyness or other external emotions. This hampers child’s academic performance due to lack of understanding and clarity. However, he might be able to open more to homeschool parents with their doubts and queries. Hence, his studies are less likely to be affected due to their personal trait of shyness or others. Since, it is managed by parents only, there is more consistency and integrity from both sides.

4. Inculcation of The Better Family and Social Values

Parents are the best people to instill a healthy value system in their child and what better way to do it than through the child’s academics? Teaching family and social values in the formative years of learning helps the child with a strong foundation for life. Sometimes in conventional schools, a child tends to miss out the point of what is good and what is not due to peer pressure or lack of attention from teachers, which is completely taken care in homeschooling.

5. Providing a Safer Environment

Another advantage of homeschooling is – safeguarding a child from the external extremities like physical violence, sexual assault, drugs and alcohol, psychological abuse, etc. With the rising number of such cases in traditional schools, it is extremely important to be able to make a child a better human being alongside imparting good education. Many parents have started to opt for homeschooling to protect their child from the external world where they are vulnerable to unscrupulous people and may not know how to save themselves.

Some of the other advantages of home-based education include – nurturing personal talent of the child, guiding him for better social interaction, helping him become mature through difficult situations, letting him enjoy educational vacations, giving the child adequate study breaks, whenever required, and most importantly, allowing him to enjoy the smaller joys of life through learning and intimacy.

If parents make sure that the home-schooled children are getting the required learning and educational experiences, homeschooling can be considered a better alternative to formal school education.

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