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Poetry Writing in Three Easy Steps!

Introducing students to poetry writing is so much fun! However, I know it can be a bit daunting if you don’t love to teach writing or aren’t given the resources to do so.

When students are learning about poetry, and the various types of poems, I have found that FOLLOWING A PROCESS IS KEY!

Here’s the quick 1-2-3….


Use anchor charts! This is key to introducing students to new poetry vocabulary, as well as giving them original examples of each type of poem. First, introduce them to the style of poetry, talk about the important elements and then show them an original example.


Set students up for success with planning pages! These are the magical pages that helped to make poetry writing successful for all students. Each planning page reminds students of the format and guides them through their creative writing process. Students get to complete their rough draft right here on the planning page!


Gives students multiple options of final draft pages for them to creatively express their poems! I love having options with picture boxes, so students can illustrate their poems. And that’s it! There’s the easy three-step process to making poetry writing a success.

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