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EIPCS K-12 Policies

A tuition payment is due at the time of enrollment. Tuition is $50 a month for the Umbrella School Package (homeschool), $100 a month for the Self Service Package (homeschool), or $200 a month for the Full-Service Package (virtual private school).
Cost of tuition covers all grade levels in the K-12 Virtual Private School and Homeschool Program. A monthly payment of the program of your choice ($50, $100, or $200) will be due in full at the same time of the month, every month while the student remains actively enrolled with EIPCS.
Tuition must be paid every month and stay in good standing for the student to stay enrolled in the program. Failure to pay the student’s account balance and monthly tuition on the due date will result to a $50 late fee. After 5 days of tuition being late, the student will be suspended from the program.
After 30 days, but before 90 days, the student will continue to be suspended from the program and a $100 late fee will be applied to the account balance.
After 90 days of non-payment, the student will be terminated from the program. To have the student reinstated, a reinstatement fee of $150 (in addition to any late tuition payments and late fees) must be paid in full. Any outstanding balances on the student’s account must be paid in full before a student can continue in the program.
These terms apply to all students, regardless if the student is in the Virtual Private School or Homeschool Program.

To read our complete and most updated Policy Agreement for our K-12 Virtual Private School and Homeschool Program, please refer to the policy agreement signing form below.

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