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Fully Accredited
Florida Virtual School is fully accredited by two major agencies: The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
and The Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation. Course Approval


FLVS core course curriculum has been approved by NCAA. Elective courses are not approved by NCAA as they are not part
of their college entrance requirements. FLVS does not currently grant a diploma.

Instead, credits are transferred back to the student's local school to count towards their graduation requirement. Home school
students fulfill diploma requirements either through portfolios that often include national SAT I and II scores, or they use the
services of an "umbrella school" that offers the diploma. Visit the Home School Legal Defense Association or our homeschooling 

informational page to learn more.

Florida Virtual is an excellent curriculum

For students who like to take classes online.

There are lots of classes to choose from and teachers to help guide you through.

Take a look at their website and see if this is the right choice for your student.

Florida Virtual

There are over 113 classes to choose from, This is not a self passed program. It is only recmmended for a highly self motivated student who works well on timelines.

Extra cost may apply for non residents of Florida.

Florida Virtual

This program is through Florida Virtual School.

All classes are online

All classes monitored by certified teachers

Florida Virtual school is accredited by SACS

Over 113 class available

Parents do not teach students with this program. they are all taken care of by school staff.including progress reports,grading

home work etc.

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