Curriculum Options  K-12th.

Please note the registration includes curriculum from option 1-4

Option 1. Eipcs Online School

There are over 30 classes to choose from. This is an online program which is self passed. these courses are accompaned by youtube tutoring videos.

A computer is needed for every class in this option.

Good for students who love to work on the computer.


Option 2.  Textbooks


There is a complete K-12th grade textbook Curriculum available.


This is our most popular curriculum used. Paper textbooks are much easier to use for young students.

Books can be shipped in 3-5 days.


Option 3. FLVS online

Florida Virtual is a State funded online curriculum. This program works well with the gifted child and self starter. for more information.


Option 4. Your own

Choose your own curriculum. We will be happy to help you choose your own curriculum which will be at an extra cost you.

Some parents prefer to choose something different and that's fine. There will still be a registration fee of $100.00 .

Power Homeschool learning is our most popular online interactive program.

Video's cartoon style, printable worksheet and a great plan customized for your child.


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Our mission

is to build a community of learners who desire a quality educational alternative to traditional teaching. Educate in a Christ centered environment with emphasis on smaller classrooms, one on one tutoring, group teaching, and hands on learning with innovated educational technology. Educators Inc. Private School is fully accredited and associated with 3 accreditating agencies, NAPHS - ACPSA - NCACS