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 Curriculum Options  K-12th

Please note that registration includes curriculum options 1-4

Option 1 

EIPCS Online School

There are over 30 classes to choose from. This is an online program which is self-paced. These courses are accompanied by YouTube tutoring videos.

A computer is needed for every class in this option.

Good for students who love to work on the computer.

Option 4

Your Own Curriculum

Choose and use your own curriculum. We will be happy to help you choose your own curriculum (additional fees for this services may apply).

Some parents prefer to choose something different and that is completely fine with us. A $100.00 registration fee applies.

Option 2 


Complete K-12th grade textbook Curriculum available.


This is our most popular curriculum used. Paper textbooks are much easier to use for young students. Textbooks are be shipped within 3-5 days.


Flexible and Self-paced Courses
Plan school time around your family’s schedule

Since each course is self-paced, your student isn’t bound by a rigid schedule set by others. This allows you to plan around work commitments while allowing time for field trips and other activities that are of interest to your student.

Option 3

FLVS Online

Florida Virtual is a State funded online curriculum. This program works well with gifted children and self starters. Contact the us for more information.

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