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About Educators Inc. Private Christian Schools

EIPCS is an established (501c3) non-profit fully accredited Private School located in the State of Florida. EIPCS is ran by a board of retired principals and teachers. We are a full service school with different school options available nationwide. We are a Homeschool, a Online Private School, a Onsite School, and an Adult Education school. EIPCS strives for academic excellence with the belief that every child is a natural learner and has a unique learning style and readiness to learn.

All of our programs are designed for students with a wide variety of individual educational needs. Our student base includes self-directed independent learners, students with various learning disabilities, and students who just have difficulty learning in a traditional school setting.

All students at EIPCS are an individual with different educational needs. For this reason, we encourage students to be part of their personal design made for them. This means involving students in their own curriculum program based on their educational goals, their interests, and their learning style. Parents and students can choose from a variety of curriculum choices, thus giving each student the freedom to take responsibility for their own education under the direct supervision of certified teachers.

Another benefit of our online and umbrella school programs is that students are free to work at their own pace. When students are permitted to work at their own chosen rate, they understand the subject matter more thoroughly, and this generally accelerates the rate of learning. In most cases, students complete their studies faster. Students who have failed a grade, or were "held back" in a public or private school are able to get back on grade level.


Many of our high school students graduate in three years instead of four, and are able to take dual enrollment courses at a local college. This gives students at EIPCS an advancement edge over public high school students. At EIPCS, our ultimate goal is to help all students of all ages, regardless of their learning challenges, experience academic success. At EIPCS, we strive to prepare the student for the next level in education and in life.



Annual, semester, quarterly, or monthly payment options as low as $100 per month for tuition. This includes curriculum, testing, and academic adviser with an accredited school. We are not a curriculum seller that calls themselves a school.


  • Records management and we take care of the transfer of records from your previous school or update/rectify your previous home school records.

  • Achievement testing can be done directly through our school. Your child will not need to test at a local public school. 

  • Diagnostic testing is provided upon enrollment with a customized educational plan to meet the specific needs of your child.

  • An extra teacher support option for parents who would like their student to use our "Teacher On Call Program" (message center and telephone) for concept help and questions.

  • Students are issued a school identification number for taking college entry exams, for financial aid, and for college applications. Other benefits (but are not limited to) official school transcripts and enrollment verification for employers and employment applications.

  • College Prep and High School Honors Program.

  • Assistance with forms for student discounts for auto insurance.

  • Telephone consultations for any academic, procedural, or record-keeping questions.

  • Over 25 years of experience with enrolled students working at home.

  • Educators Inc. has full accreditation status with ACPSAA (American Council on Private School Accreditation Agency) and with the National Association of Private Schools.

  • Transcripts are more readily accepted at post secondary schools or for transfers.


  • To encourage and guide students into a deepening relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • To inspire excellence in all students through academics, mentoring, and community service.

  • To provide a positive caring learning environment for all students.

  • To encourage parental involvement in EIPCS operations and activities.

  • To build a family like relationship among students, parents, and teachers.

  • To educate and graduate all students enrolled.

  • To invest into innovative instructional programs.

  • To support smaller class sizes and personalized student/ teacher interactions.

  • To offer educational opportunities extending from pre-school through the twelfth grade.

  • To provide team approach to learning that encourages excellence through honesty, creativity, integrity, and diversity among the students while incorporating Christian values.

  • To produce graduates competitively positioned for furthering their education or employment.

  • To develop a sense of duty to community within all students.


  • The purpose of EIPCS is to provide a Christian based education. The school intends to be an extension of the home.

  • The school is committed to excellence in all that it does. We provide a unique curriculum designed for several types of educational needs.

  • We administer programs that allow students to progress, matching their ability to the course work.

  • We use a Christian based accredited curriculum as well as technology based. We offer additional instructional materials to enhance the educational quality for all students.

  • Our program is designed so parents can customize their children’s education to their personal needs and circumstances.

  • At EIPCS, we have constructed the best of all worlds by developing unity, maintaining control, and creating an optimal learning environment students who want to excel.



We believe each child is a special gift from God. We believe that children are unique and are capable of learning in different ways. We believe education that is infuses with the bible nourishes a child morally and spiritually. We treasure the opportunity to assist in the educational preparation of your child or children. Educators Inc. Private Christian School (EIPCS) is devoted in providing a Christian based education that is founded on God’s word for all academic endeavors. Educators Inc. seeks to develop each student through structure, discipline, and academic excellence in preparation for their God given purpose.

The policies set forth are provided to help our students develop a Christ-centered love for learning and a respect for fellow human beings. EIPCS applies this through the application of moral principles, a commitment to service, and excellence in academics, athletics, the arts, and extra-curricular activities.

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